According to the latest census there are 55,000 Muslims living in New Zealand and 471,000 in Australia

Many of these new migrants came from countries where they were unable to openly explore another religion and in particular, Christianity. Some 4,000 of these New Zealand Muslims are Kiwis who have chosen to convert to Islam and perhaps 1,500 are Maori Muslims.

Sharing your faith with them

Sharing your faith with these Muslim people here is an exciting opportunity for you to make close friends of people who have a similar spiritual worldview to Christians. Their faith and commitment to Allah may cause you to deepen your faith. We are running expert-workshops and training courses that will give you life-changing insights and practical tools to get to know and talk about faith with Muslims here. In learning how to share your faith with a Muslim you will see how to practice Jesus' model of one-down communication: you make the Muslim person your teacher and get in insight into the Muslim person's heart through being a student and learner about Islamic faith.

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Muslim missionaries in Australasia

The Islamic Propagation Center in South Africa co-ordinates the advancement of Islam in the Southern Hemisphere, including New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. Countries like Saudi Arabia print millions of copies of the Qur'an every year and distribute them in Australasia where they hope to make many converts through the activities of Islamic missionaries who are trained to sow doubts about the Christian faith. There are five main misunderstandings which Muslims have about Christianity and engaging with Muslims gives you an opportunity to correct those incorrect beliefs. Muslims are seeking to engage Christians in conversations about God and faith. You can help them!

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Workshops to help you

Across New Zealand and Australia workshops are being held to help people like you minister to our Muslim immigrant neighbours. The dates and locations of the next X Cultural Workshops are available on our website. The workshops are usually held over three consecutive nights. They help people understand their culture, worldview, migrant cultures, authorities, honour and shame, holy books, redemptive analogies, cultural bridges and the importance of a collective community. There are usually a number of testimonies from people of various religious backgrounds who have received a fresh, life-changing revelation from God.

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